Together for a cause

         Posted on January 18, 2017 under News

Together for a cause

Young people from varied backgrounds have united at a common platform for a noble cause. Local Capacity for Peace (LCP) South Asian Network Youth convention began today to express solidarity, coexistence and peace among South Asian youth. Participants from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India are representing nine organisations that belong to this network in the three days event.

UMN’s Peace Building Team Leader Balkumari Gurung shares, “I am very happy because we are co-hosting this event for the first time. In the next stage of LCP we are working in youth empowerment, leadership and capacity building. Every participant is working in the area of peace in their respective countries and they will share and learn from each other’s experiences. At the end of the programme, they will make a South Asian Youth resolution."

Welcoming the participants, Madhu Thapa, UMN’s Learning, Policy and Strategy Team Leader said that the role of youth in any area particularly in peace building couldn’t be more important as they are the hope for the future.

“The event has been formatted to promote youth leadership. I hope we will be able to use richness of our experiences by listening and through collective learning and sharing. I encourage you to connect with each other, challenge ideas and perceptions, raise questions and find solution together,” he expressed.

Suresh Satapathy, LCP Secretariat explained that the nine organisations strive to bring Do No Harm principle, conflict sensitivity to their development programmes and organisation system.

Addressing the participants he further shared, “This is the age where you learn your future roles. You play critical roles to rebuild lives, reintegration and most importantly for peacebuilding. You will get to share and understand the commonalities and diversities of our region. You will decide how you will want to take this LCP Asian Youth platform forward and what role you will play in this network in future.”

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