Give Sixty for Sixty - Education

A good education can enable a child from a poor family to break the cycle of poverty and become independent. Statistics and experience show that educating women and girls is a particularly powerful way of fighting poverty, as women invest their education in their family's future.



Phonics books for children and teacher
Anu Kamal is excited about learning to read, thanks to an innovative phonics programme created by UMN's education experts. Nepali is very phonetic, and these workbooks and the Teachers Guide will help young children learn quickly and easily.
A library pack of story books
Brightly-coloured, lively children's books are the best way to encourage young readers to practise their skills. These children from Shree SS (?) enjoy reading and sharing stories from a library pack provided by UMN.
Toys and games for the smallest students
Early Childhood Development Centres give young children a head start in their education. Many children don't have toys and games at home, so these materials provided by UMN not only help with their learning, but also motivate them to attend regularly.


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