Give Sixty for Sixty - Health

Good health is essential for a happy, productive life. Whether it's mothers and babies, children, people living with disabilities or HIV or AIDS,or people suffering mental illness, UMN and its partners are working to improve health and well-being.



Equipment for a Birthing Centre
The Birthing Centre at Pipaltar provides a safe place for women to give birth with a skilled birth attendant on hand. Anita, and Auxillary Nurse Midwife, uses basic equipment provided by UMN to help with antenatal checkups and during deliveries.
Clothes and schoolbooks for AIDS-affected children
HIV and AIDS can tip a vulnerable family into absolute poverty. One result is that children can no longer afford warm clothes in winter and school supplies to continue their education. A bag of books and a warm jacket can make such a difference!
Free mental health camps
The man spent more than 20 years chained to a log, because of his fits of violence. Mental health is not well understood in Nepal, and many people's suffering is made worse by stigma and neglect. Free mental health camps raise awareness and open the door to continued treatment.


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