Give Sixty for Sixty - Peacebuilding

UMN's Peacebuildingprogramme seeks to develop just, harmonious communities where everyone, regardless of gender, caste, economic status, ethnicity or disability, can live with dignity and respect.



Braille books for blind children
Blind children in Mugu have an opportunity to learn to read in Braille, thanks to books and teaching aids provided by UMN. Their teacher, Hira Lal Saud, has also been trained to help them learn. Most blind children in remote locations have no chance of getting an education.
Setting up a community mediation centre
Trained mediators like Sudarshan Adhikari help resolve local disputes without lengthy and expensive legal processes. Increasingly, police are referring disputes to UMN-supported Community Mediation Centres. Local people are very pleased with the results.
Fighting domestic violence and trafficking with tea and snacks
Sita Khadka feels lucky. A loan from UMN's partner helped her set up a snacks stall, so now she can support herself independently of her violent husband. Many women are trapped in abusive relationships, or helpless when they return to their villages after being trafficked.


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