Give Sixty for Sixty - Sustainable Livelihoods

The right to earn a living, to be productive and support a family, is a key part of living a full, satisfying life. UMN's Sustainable Livelihoods team and partners also work with communities to protect the environment and prepare for disasters.



Improved cooking stoves
Manisara cooks up a storm in her improved cooking stove. The stove cooks quickly, uses less firewood and produces less smoke. Healthier food, cooked in a healthier environment, and less pressure on receding forests – it's a win all round!
Fitting out a farmer
Suna Khadka is growing great tomatoes, without using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. She has learned how to make her own, from locally-available resources. Training from UMN and basic tools have helped her become a successful vegetable farmer.
Opportunities for budding business people
Unlikely entrepreneurs, Jaya Kumari, Dev Kumari and Anurupa have set up a thriving chicken business, thanks to a loan and training from UMN's local partner. Small businesses like this help poor families beat poverty, and provide goods for the local community.


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