Opportunities for Expatriates

UMN strives to help all Nepalis, women and men, achieve a fuller and more satisfying life. There are many opportunities for expatriates from different countries to contribute their professional skills. If you would like to explore the possibilities of working with UMN, contact at expat.recruitment@umn.org.np to learn more. Please send your CV or resume with your email.



Advisors are mainly based in Kathmandu with travel to rural areas. They work alongside Nepali technical staff helping and advising local NGOs (non-government organisations) and other partners in specific work to improve the lives of people in their area.

Communications Advisor

to work as a Team player writing articles, editing case stories and publications, preparing text/brochures for an international audience. Excellent written English, proven ability to write creatively, advanced proof- reading skills required. Background may be in journalism, media, English teaching or fund-raising/advertising.

Finance Advisor

to work alongside our Nepali professionals to ensure that sound financial practices are implemented to properly manage the funds entrusted to us. A strong financial background, preferably with accountancy is required and experience in the not-for-profit sector would be an advantage.

General Surgeons and ENT Surgeons

for United Mission Hospital Tansen, to deal with both elective and emergency surgery and to teach and mentor junior Nepali doctors. Flexibility, the ability to work in a resource-limited setting and an interest in teaching are required. For visa purposes, applicants must currently be registered with the national regulating body in their own country. Long-term applicants preferred.

All these posts (except surgeons) are Kathmandu-based and most will require regular trips to UMN working areas. All posts require appropriate qualifications to Masters level or equivalent and usually considerable relevant work experience. We normally require a minimum three year initial commitment.

We are also interested to receive enquiries / CVs from expatriates called to Nepal whose experience and background may fit into UMN, even if not in one of the above posts.

Expatriate team members do not receive a salary or remuneration of any kind from UMN directly, but are self supported volunteers or supported by a 'sending mission organisation' or church in their home country that provides for all their financial needs during their assignment.

Developed by the Communications Team, UMN