10k Mental Health Fun Run


Tuesday 1st October in the morning
Meet at 6:30am for a 7:00am start.


In Lalitpur and Kathmandu. Starting in Jawalakhel
and finishing at UMN headquarters in Thapathali,
via Sanepa and along the Bagmati river.

Who can take part?:

Anyone! Staff, school students (secondary), college and university students, friend, family...
Not in Kathmandu or Nepal? You can join by doing a virtual run from where you are!

Information for runners:

THANK YOU for joining us to raise awareness of mental health – that mental health is treatable and suicide is preventable
Booking is now closed.  But others can still join us as a volunteer or cheer people along the route.   
There are nearly 200 people joining the run in Kathmandu - Wow!! - with another 200 around Nepal (in UMN’s working areas of Doti, Bajhang, Mugu, Rukum, Kapilvastu, Rupandehi and Sunsari) and 20 around the world!  So this is BIG!!!
Please read on to find out about sharing mental health stories, collecting t-shirts etc…

Preparation for the day:

Training – To prepare to run, you might like to mix running and walking, e.g. run for half a minute then walk for one minute.  A lot of people will be walking a lot of the way!  But if you’re running, starting at a slow-ish pace (conversational speed) is good.  It’s not a race, but there are prizes for the first 3 to arrive, male and female.
Packing – please bring a towel and a change of clothes in your bag in case it rains or you’re heading somewhere else straight afterwards. We have 2 showers on site.
Your bag will be taken in a UMN vehicle to the finish at Thapathali and will be kept safe.
The night before (Monday night) it’s good to eat a meal with plenty of carbohydrates.  Daal bhat would be fine!  It will also help to get a good sleep.
On the morning of the run, please eat a light breakfast/ khaja around an hour before i.e. 6am, but don’t eat or drink too much.  It’s important not to run on an empty stomach, but a whole meal is a bad idea.  A cup of tea and toast or cereal and a banana would be fine.  We’ll have 4 water stops along the route and some snacks at the end.
Parking and transport – if you will be riding/ driving to Jawalakhel and then parking, please make your own arrangements to park in the area.  Because we meet at 6:30am, there should be plenty of spaces available.  From UMN in Thapathali at the end, it’s only about 5 minutes’ walk to the upper Thapathali bus stop near Maitighar.  From there it’s easy to catch a bus, micro or tempo going to Jawalakhel.

The T-shirts have arrived!  

It will be very helpful if you are able to pay and collect your t-shirt in advance, as we don’t want to have to collect all the money and give out 200 t-shirts at 6:30am next Tuesday!  
Fees (Rs 100) and T-shirt collection options:
  1. UMN offices in Thapathali (near St Xavier's College, Maitighar)
    Phone: 4228 118 or 4268 900 
    Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th September this week,
    8:30am – 10am and 4-5pm (4-6pm on Thursday).
    Please bring your Rs 100 fee if you’ve not paid already.
  2. Through UMN friends/ family – where possible we will pass on T-shirts to UMN people who can give them to you and collect your fees.
  3. On the day – Especially for those who have already paid – thank you!  For others, this is a last resort if you can’t manage any other option.  Please remember your Rs100!

Mental health messages

On the day we will be giving out leaflets to explain about mental health problems and suicide, and to encourage people to get help.
Misunderstanding and stigma associated with mental health are major barriers to seeking help.  Only 10% of people with mental health problems in Nepal receive treatment. Let’s change this by sharing and talking about mental health and encouraging people to get help.
Do you have a mental health story to share?
Do you have experience of mental health problems, getting help and seeing improvement?  Or do you know someone who would like to share their experience, to help others?  We want to make the most of this opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and encourage people to get help.  It would be really great to have your story to share with others to encourage them!  We’d love to have a few video clips to share (e.g. one minute, in Nepali or English) or even a short written paragraph. 
Do you have something to share?  If so, please email a link to 10k@umn.org.np .  We can put it on our website, before or after the run.  Thank you!


Depression, suicide, anxiety, self-harm…
Every year thousands of people in Nepal - 1 in 4 - are affected by mental health problems like these.
Mental illness can affect anyone. Millions of people around the world suffer from it. Maybe you or someone you know has been affected by suicide or other mental illness? The groups that UMN works with - people living in poverty and those most neglected and marginalised - are particularly at risk of mental illness.

Due to the stigma and discrimination associated with it, people often do not talk about it, nor do they seek help.
This run is a chance to raise awareness of mental health problems and to encourage people to get help.
This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day (on 10th October) is "Preventing Suicide".
Did you know, in Nepal:
  1. Nepal’s female suicide rate is the 3rd highest in the world?
  2. Suicide is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age (15-49 years)
  3. Every year more than 5000 suicide cases are reported.
  4. In the last 4 years, there has been a 13% rise in suicide rates.
But, Suicide is Preventable.

Have a look at these websites:

  1. Preventing suicide: World Mental Health Day 2019 (Video)
  2. World Mental Health Day 2019: focus on suicide prevention (Article/Video)
  3. World Mental Health Day (Campaign Detail)
  4. Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention (Article)

Suicide Hotline Numbers in Nepal:

  1. 16600 122223 (Free for NTC Users, Managed by Mental health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Centre)
  2. 9840021600 (Managed by the Department of Psychiatry, Teaching Hospital)
  3. 16600 102005 (Free for NTC Users, Managed by Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal) Operates: Monday-Friday 10 am-4pm
  4. Nepal Police 100


  1. Can I volunteer? – Yes! We will need people to help set up the route and signs and take them down. Also to give out water and direct people on the route. Find out about volunteering.
  2. Are you raising money? – The purpose is to raise awareness of mental health needs. So we want lots of people to take part and raise awareness. But the nominal entry fee will go towards our mental health work.
  3. I live in another city/ country. Is there any way I can take part? – Yes! You can run where you are and share your story with us. Join our virtual run!
  4. Can I walk it? – Yes!
  5. I have a friend who’s interested. Can they join? – Yes, just send them the link to this page and ask them to complete the booking form.
  6. Are there lots of hills? – Not really. It’s mostly downhill and then flat. There will be a slight hill at the end coming up to UMN headquarters at Thapathali.
  7. How long will it take me? Running could take 50-70 minutes. Walking all the way would take around 3 hours (according to Google maps).
  8. Will there be any water? – Yes, we will provide water along the way.
  9. What about first aid? – We will have first aid kits at 3 sites along the route, as well as volunteers more regularly who can phone for help if necessary.
  10. Is there a prize?! – The first three runners through the gate will get medals. Refreshments will be available for everyone at the end. And you can keep the T-shirt!
  11. I have more questions. – Please contact Ruth at 10k@umn.org.np


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