Leaving a bequest to UMN
Leaving a bequest to UMN

Managing money is really difficult

  • If you’re young, you probably haven’t got much – maybe more debts than savings!
  • If you have a family, you have a responsibility to provide for them.
  • If you’re older, you want to be independent and secure, not a burden on others.
  • God expects us to be sensible with our resources.
  • He also wants us to share generously with those who have little.

How can we balance these two priorities?

One way is by making a Will, leaving clear instructions on how our estate is to be distributed when we pass away. This way, we can help ensure that the work we feel passionate about can continue when we are gone.

It’s easy to make a Will

If you don’t already have one, Will Kits are available in most countries. But it’s a good idea to see a Solicitor to make sure your instructions are clear.

If you already have a Will, you can make a change using a Codicil – a simple document that adds to your Will without you having to rewrite it. Again, check your Codicil with a Solicitor.

UMN is honoured to receive bequests or legacies from supporters.

Please be assured that we will use any funds left to us as you would wish.

To find out more about including UMN in your Will:

  •     Contact our Funding Management Team at finance@umn.org.np
  •     Write to us at
    UMN Funding Team
    PO Box: 126
    Kathmandu, Nepal

Click here to download Codicil template for the USA

Click here to download Codicil template for the Australia

Click here to download Codicil template for the UK