Praise the name of the Lord; praise Him, you servants of the Lord.
- Psalm 135:1

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Celebration at UMN this morning!Celebration at UMN this morning!
Big day for UMN! We are delighted to share the joy of signing two project agreements- Far West Province & Lumbini...
UMN Ambassadors
What you could do, as a UMN Ambassador

  • Get extra copies of UMNews and give them out in your church or fellowship group.
  • Send UMN prayer points to your church's or denomination's prayer convenor.
  • Put up a UMN poster in your church, school or office.
  • Tell others about UMN's financial needs, and encourage them to give.
A Bit Harder
  • Talk to the Missionary Committee in your church about UMN, and encourage them to support a project or a type of work or a staff member.
  • Ask your church to support UMN's Christmas Appeal or other special appeals. Organise a collection!
  • Arrange to show a UMN DVD in you church or fellowship group, or as a lunchtime activity in your office or staff room.
  • Try to get a UMN story published in your church (or denominational) magazine, or on your church's (or denomination's) website.
  • Organise a special "Pray for Nepal" afternoon or evening.
A Real Challenge
  • Link up with other UMN Ambassadors in your district or country, and arrange a "get-together" to share ideas and pray for Nepal and for UMN.
  • Arrange to run a UMN stall at a church or mission conference.
Of course, there are lots of other things that you might like to do. Feel free to use your own imagination! But please let us know - we can share your ideas with others.

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