Timely help #TaraiFlood

         Posted on August 21, 2017 under News

Timely help #TaraiFlood

It was midnight night when Purna BK, a daily wage construction worker, and his wife Maya realised that the flood water had entered their mud house and the walls were beginning to come down. Frantically they began to collect what little they could to save their belongings.

It was hardest for his wife Maya. How was she going to feed her family of three little children and an aging mother now? There was no food, and absolutely no dry place.
At this desperate moment for many thousands of families, UMN and its partner NASSO in Rupandehi were able to reach out with their timely emergency relief package distribution.

Purna shares, "I had never thought there are people out there who understand our pain and care for us and the terrible situation we are in. We have food and hope for the family now, and also useful things like soap and a mattress."

Go to to support our relief efforts. 

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