New beginnings #TaraiFlood

         Posted on August 28, 2017 under News

New beginnings #TaraiFlood

Two weeks ago, the flood waters hit the river side settlement of the Rishidevs in Sunsari and damaged all the 20 houses there. In the rigid caste classifications of rural Nepali society, the Rishidevs are very low on the list. They are landless labourers, working for daily wages. Most of them struggle to provide the bare necessities for their families. 

Pradeep Rishidev with his wife and three children lost everything in the flood. Their chickens, ducks, clothes and a little bit of stored grains have all been swept away. They escaped to a higher ground the night the flood came in hoping it would soon go away. But they ended up staying there for three days. It was impossible to go back to their village as the water was still as high as 5 feet deep. 

Pradeep and his family are more than happy with the relief packages that they have just received from UMN. He shares, "I did not expect to receive so much food supply and useful items like, mattresses, soap, tooth brush and towels. This has helped us to start off again. Thank you."

Go to to support our relief efforts. 

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