I can finally sign my name

         Posted on September 8, 2019 under News

I can finally sign my name

I am Yangjom Lama and I am 47 years old. Since I was unable to read and write, I was deprived of participating in community-level meetings and workshops. Even in group meetings, I found it hard to introduce myself and sign my name. Others helped me sign by holding my hand. 

UMN's Mugu Community Transformation Project invited me to join their group. Since then there's been no looking back! I gradually participated in different capacity building, empowerment and informal literacy class activities. The regular classes helped me to grow slowly, and I continued to practice writing my name and signature, to read and write, and to identify numbers. I am very happy now. I can do simple calculations, dial phone numbers to call and can finally sign my name without anyone's help! 



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