Bhawana – helped to thrive

         Posted on January 29, 2021 under News

Bhawana – helped to thrive

Meet Bhawana and her mum in our latest Friends of Tansen magazine, out today!

Malnutrition, burns, rehabilitation, family planning, vaccinations, inability to afford treatment – all these were tackled for 15-month-old Bhawana and her mother after they first connected with our Child Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre and later came to United Mission Hospital Tansen. Holistic care in action, helping the family move towards fullness of life – the key goal of UMN’s work in Nepal.

See her full story and other news from the work of United Mission Hospital Tansen in Friends of Tansen 2021.

Alex Swarbick, UMN’s board chair, also refers to Bhawana’s family at the start of our 2019-20 Annual Report, highlighting the example of holistic love and care towards achieving fullness of life for this poor family from a remote village.

Thank you for your support of UMN and United Mission Hospital Tansen so that we can continue such work! Please be encouraged, and please pray for their family and so many like them across Nepal.

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