Opportunities for Expatriates

UMN strives to help all Nepalis, women and men, achieve a fuller and more satisfying life. There are many opportunities for expatriates from different countries to contribute their professional skills. If you would like to explore the possibilities of working with UMN, contact at expat.recruitment@umn.org.np to learn more. Please send your CV or resume with your email.

We welcome enquiries from expatriates interested in serving in Nepal with UMN, even if their background does not fit exactly into one of the posts below.


A MASTERS degree or equivalent and at least five years of relevant work experience is now required by the government for the visa holder. We normally require a minimum four year initial commitment for Advisor posts. Some posts will require occasional trips to UMN working areas.

Grant Management Advisor – Kathmandu based

To play a key role in advising, providing hands-on technical support to, and building capacity of Cluster Teams and Grant Management Unit developing high quality competitive project grants/proposals in line with UMN's strategy.

Disaster Management Advisor - Kathmandu based

To support the preparedness of UMN staff and partners for disasters; advise on organizational systems and structures for disaster preparedness and response; support the effective implementation of disaster response, especially after a large-scale disaster.

Finance Advisor – Kathmandu based

To work alongside our Nepali professionals to ensure that sound financial practices are implemented, to properly manage the funds entrusted to us. A strong financial background, preferably with accountancy is required and experience in the not-for-profit sector would be an advantage.

Expatriate Support Advisor – Kathmandu based

Needed from June 2020. Responsible for supporting all expatriates in their roles, to liaise with Sending Agencies, to oversee expatriate recruitment, to advise on HR matters for all UMN expatriates, and to co-ordinate the Language & Orientation Program. Background may be Human Resources, Management, Intercultural Studies, Member Care, Language teaching, or other related fields. Prior cross-cultural experience is preferred, but not required.


Applicants must currently be registered with the national regulating body in their own country.

Okhaldunga Community Hospital (OCH)

General Practitioner

Medical Doctor with broad experience in general practice/family medicine to work at Okhaldhunga Community Hospital.  This busy rural hospital to the east of Kathmandu provides primary hospital services to Okhaldhunga District and the surrounding five districts.  It is a general practice level hospital and all medical officers work across the medical disciplines – in paediatrics, obstetrics and orthopedics, general surgery and adult internal medicine.  The hospital has a TB DOTS programme, a nutrition rehabilitation center and a mothers’ waiting home (for women approaching the end of their pregnancies).

United Mission Hospital Tansen

Tutorial Group teacher for United Mission Hospital Tansen

Needed from July 2020. To teach a small group of delightful expatriate children ages 5-11 from a variety of countries, and manage the tutorial group.

OB/GYN - Urgently needed for short or long term

General Surgeon - short or long term to deal with both elective and emergency surgery

Doctors of all kinds are needed

General Practitioners, Paediatrician, Internal Medicine, ENT and Urology. Flexibility, the ability to work in a resource-limited setting and an interest in teaching and mentoring junior Nepali doctors are required for all doctors. Long-term applicants preferred.

Pathologist for United Mission Hospital Tansen.

A lab is being set up for histopathology services. At present the hospital does 10-15 biopsies in a week and it may go up once the services are established. The pathologist would train the local manpower as well as working as a pathologist.

Open invitation: We are also interested to receive enquiries / CVs from expatriates called to Nepal whose experience and background may fit into UMN, even if not in one of the above posts.

Expatriate team members do not receive a salary or remuneration of any kind from UMN directly, but are self supported volunteers or supported by a 'sending mission organisation' or church in their home country that provides for all their financial needs during their assignment.

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