Historical List of Projects

Rural Development

1959-1971 Amp Pipal Agriculture Programme, Gorkha
1959-2003 Forestry/Agriculture Programme, countrywide
1961-mid 2004 Rural development projects in Jumla, Andhikhola, Jhimruk, Khimti,
Lalitpur, Makwanpur, Palpa, Butwal, Mugu, etc
1962-1964 Dandeldhura Agriculture Project
1970-1974 Tibetan Camp, Pokhara
1971-1997 Okhaldhunga District
1972-1981 Anandaban Leprosy Hospital, Kathmandu (secondments)
1976-1984 Nawal Parasi Hills Development Project
1979-1984 Rural Youth Training Programme
1980-1984 Madhubasa, Eastern Terai (Gobar Gas Outreach)
1982-mid 2004 Rural Development Centre, Pokhara
1983-1998 Surkhet Project
1990-1995 Nepal Resources Management Project (Ramechhap & Dhading)
1996-2003 Dhading Resource Management Project and Ramechhap Community Development Project
1992-1997 Village Leather Training Programme
1989-1999 Rural Development Project-Okhaldhunga
1992-2003 Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Support
1999-2003 Nepali Organisation Unit
1998-2001 Community-Based Organisational Development For Empowerment, Achham
2003-mid 2005 Partnership Programme

Engineering & Industrial Development

1958-mid 90s Major UMN Building Programmes:
Tansen Hospital, Palpa
Mahendra Bhawan Girls High School, Kathmandu
Amp Pipal Hospital, Gorkha
Okhaldhunga Hospital
Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara
Karnali Technical School, Jumla
Patan Hospital, Kathmandu
1963-2007 Butwal Technical Institute
1966-2001 Butwal Power Company (UMN & secondments)
1971-2004 Butwal Plywood Factory Pvt. Ltd. and Forestry Programme
1977-1991 Gobar Gas tatha Krishi Yantra Bikash Pvt. Co. Butwal & countrywide (UMN & secondments)
1972-2002 Development & Consulting Services, Butwal & countrywide, (including Jumla & Dhangadhi)
1976-1984 Patan Hospital Building Project
1977-1995 Butwal Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.
1978-1992 Butwal Wood Industries Pvt. Ltd.
1978-1995 Himal Hydro (UMN is still a minority shareholder but plays no active part in management)
1980-1995 Jumla: Karnali Technical School, Building Trade (secondments etc)
1981-1992 Andhikhola Hydro Power Project & Irrigation
1982-mid 2005 Nepal Hydro and Electric Pvt. Ltd. (secondments)
1989-1994 Jhimruk Hydro Electric and Rural Electrification Project
1993-2001 Khimti Hydropower Plant/Himal Power Ltd. (secondments etc)
1994 -1997 Melamchi Water Supply Project (secondments, etc)
1994-2008 Kathmandu University, Engineering Programme (secondments, etc)
1995-2012 Jimruk Industrial Development - JIDCO
2001-2005 Hydro Consult Pvt. Ltd (secondments)
2003-2008 People, Energy & Environment Development Association (secondment)

Health Services

1954-mid 2004 Kathmandu Valley District Clinics - Community Development and Health Project, Lalitpur, Makwanpur
1954-1983 Cholera Hospital/Shanta Bhawan Hospital (and training)
1954-1974 Bhaktapur Dispensary/Hospital and Community Health
1954-present Tansen Hospital (and training)
1957-2000 Anandaban Leprosy Hospital, Kathmandu (building & secondments)
1958-1997 Palpa Community Health Development Project
1958-2001 Amp Pipal Dispensary/Hospital, Gorkha
1959-mid 2004 Shanta Bhawan Nursing School/Lalitpur Nursing Campus
1961-2001 Community Health Programme, Gorkha
1961-present Okhaldhunga Dispensary/Hospital
2003-present Community Health, Okhaldhunga
1969-1976 Buling Dispensary, East Palpa
1969-1988 Paimey, Syangja (secondments)
1970-1981 Auxiliary Nurse Midwife and Auxiliary Health Worker/Community Medical Assistant Schools, Tansen (secondments etc.)
1970-2004 Drug Store/ Medical Supplies Department, Kathmandu
1971-1980 Nepal Orthopedic Appliances Centre
1976-2008 Institute of Medicine & Ministry of Health secondments, Kathmandu, Tansen, Dharan, Butwal, Pokhara, Hetauda
1979-mid 2005 Nutrition Programme, countrywide (UMN & Advisory)
1980-1985 Karnali Technical School, Jumla, Health Trade
1982-2008 Patan Hospital (and training) Joint with HMG and Community
1984-mid 2005 Mental Health Programme, countrywide (UMN & secondments)
1986-2008 Oral Health Programme, countrywide (UMN & secondments)
1990-1993 TB Programme, Gorkha
1994-2003 TB NET Support Programme, countrywide (secondments)
1996-mid 2005 HIV/AIDS Sakriya Programme countrywide (UMN & Advisory)
1997-mid 2006 Yala Urban Health Programme
1999-2010 Tansen Nursing School, Tansen (secondments)
2001-mid 2004 Lamjung Community Health Programme
2002-2004 Human Development & Community Services, Lamjung (secondments)


1957- 1987 Gorkha (school and seconded teachers)
1957-2000 Mahendra Bhawan Girls' High School, Kathmandu (UMN secondments)
1965-1996 Training & Scholarship Programme, countrywide.
1966-2007 Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara/Gandaki College of Engineering and Science
1978-1999 Development Communication Productions, Kathmandu
1980-1995 Karnali Technical School, Jumla (secondments)
1980-mid 2005 Non-Formal Education, countrywide
1981-1992 Business School, Kathmandu
1982-1987 Ryalachaur School, Pokhara (secondments)
1983-mid 2005 Teacher Training (secondments, countrywide)
1984-2000 Library Training, countrywide
1991-1999 Jajarkot Non-Formal Education project
1992-1994 Basic Primary Education (Kathmandu secondments)
1992-2000 Curriculum Development (secondment)
1992-2003 Training & Development programme (Kathmandu & countrywide)
1993-present Special Needs Education (scholarships etc)
1994-2008 Kathmandu University (secondments)
1995-1999 Karnali Community Skill Training Programme
1995-2003 School Partnership Project (10 +2) Dailekh
1997-mid 2005 School Partnership Project (10 +2) Syangja
1997-2003 Dailekh Non-Formal Education Project
1998-mid 2004 Mugu Education Project


1959-present Headquarters, Kathmandu (administration and training)
1989-mid 2005 Advisory Group on Nepali Women, countrywide
1992-present Tri-Agency Partnership, now Regional Inter-Agency Partnership
1997-mid 2005 Disaster Preparedness Programme

Expatriate Support

Kathmandu International Study Centre - until 2005
Tutorial Groups - now at Tansen only
Language and Orientation Programme - ongoing
Culture Resource Programme
Archives - ongoing


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