The Role of Expatriates at UMN

Some expatriate staff work in Kathmandu in administrative positions, while others serve as technical advisors based in rural areas of Nepal. All expatriate staff roles involve mentoring and coaching our Nepali national staff. Technical advisors provide expertise that helps our partners develop sustainable organizations and projects.

Terms for expatriate service are anywhere from a few months to several years. All expatriates begin their term with language training and orientation in Kathmandu, after which they assume their job responsibilities.

Following are some examples, for each of our areas of work, of relevant professions and/or helpful background experience.

Health and Gender

  1. Health care
  2. Community health
  3. Social work


  1. Counselling
  2. Health care
  3. Social work

Food Sovereignty

  1. Agriculture
  2. Food technology
  3. Nutrition

Conflict Transformation

  1. Experience in a conflict situation
  2. Background in peace building and facilitation

Enterprise Development

  1. Entrepreneurial and business skills

Disaster Management

  1. Natural or manmade hazard management (e.g. civil engineers, water and sanitation experience)
  2. Hazard vulnerability and risk management (e.g. geographers, environmental scientists, security/emergency services personnel)
  3. Disaster relief experience


  1. Teachers
  2. Teacher trainers
  3. Adult educators
  4. Experience in formal and non-formal education

Organisational Development

  1. Experience in organizational management and/or development
  2. Working knowledge of concepts of good governance, transparency, accountability, and integral mission


Developed by the Communications Team, UMN