Tell Others

UMN Ambassadors

God is doing great things in Nepal through UMN, and we would love to get the word out! You could help us, by becoming a UMN Ambassador.

Sounds rather grand, doesn't it? We're looking for people from across the world who would be willing to tell others about UMN's work, share prayer points, and distribute materials. There's a whole range of things you could do - and we don't expect that you'll do everything. It's up to you to select what you think you'd like to do to share the UMN story in your church, fellowship, denomination, or even your country!


What you could do, as a UMN Ambassador

  • Get extra copies of UMNews and give them out in your church or fellowship group.
  • Send UMN prayer points to your church's or denomination's prayer convenor.
  • Put up a UMN poster in your church, school or office.
  • Tell others about UMN's financial needs, and encourage them to give.
A Bit Harder
  • Talk to the Missionary Committee in your church about UMN, and encourage them to support a project or a type of work or a staff member.
  • Ask your church to support UMN's Christmas Appeal or other special appeals. Organise a collection!
  • Arrange to show a UMN DVD in you church or fellowship group, or as a lunchtime activity in your office or staff room.
  • Try to get a UMN story published in your church (or denominational) magazine, or on your church's (or denomination's) website.
  • Organise a special "Pray for Nepal" afternoon or evening.
A Real Challenge
  • Link up with other UMN Ambassadors in your district or country, and arrange a "get-together" to share ideas and pray for Nepal and for UMN.
  • Arrange to run a UMN stall at a church or mission conference.
  • Of course, there are lots of other things that you might like to do. Feel free to use your own imagination! But please let us know - we can share your ideas with others.

How UMN supports UMN Ambassadors

  • We'll provide whatever resources you need: publications, posters, Videos...
  • Every second month, we'll send you a story and some "Sharing" ideas.
  • You can access a special page on our website, where you can get up-to-date news and download additional resources.
  • We'll connect you with other UMN Ambassadors in your area or country.
  • We'll let you know when UMN people are visiting or speaking near you.

Please email us at to sign up as a UMN Ambassador.

Developed by the Communications Team, UMN