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Participants Mobilisation Centre (PMC), Sunsari

History and Key Successes of the Organisation

A Brief History of the Organisation

Participant Mobilization Centre (PMC) is a community based, non-Government, non-profit organisation registered in District Administration Office Sunsari in 2003, with an aim to promote and empower the socially excluded, poor and marginalised people. Since its establishment, it has been contributing to development through adopting different innovative, participatory and appreciative planning and actions.

PMC believes that the sustainable community development is possible through the rationale and sustainable use of the resources through active community participation.

   Key Successes and Achievements of the Organisation:
  • Organisational development systems have been institutionalised;
  • Strategic direction has been defined and specified;
  • Known as an expert organisation of Social Mobilisation in the district level;
  • Organisational linkage and Networking has been established and strengthened with governmental, nongovernmental and other like-minded organisations in local and national level;
  • Improved documentation and one door communication system has been established;
  • Friendly relationships have been built with community people which PMC considers important assets.

Organisational Strategic Information

DAO Reg. No.  1041/1004/2004
SWC Affiliation No.  16542/2004
PAN No.  301992015

Equitable, dynamic and self-reliant society.


Empowering the powerless community through capacity building, skills and entrepreneurship development and thus ensure positive social, economic and the political change among individual and institution.


Improve quality of life for poor and marginalised people.

  • Empower citizens to engage actively with local governments and increase the capacity of local governments to manage resources and deliver basic services in an inclusive and equitable manner;
  • Support Koshi flood survivors to fully recover from trauma and to reach their higher potential;
  • Promote women’s rights and gender equality;
  • Enable target communities to adapt to the potential impact of climate variability and change.
Core Values

Responsive towards target groups, transparency, integrity, protection of the environment.

Geographic Areas Covered

Duhabi and Ramdhuni Municipalities and Koshi Rural Municipality.

Target Beneficiaries

Children, Women, Dalit & Poor communities, disaster affected people.

Thematic Focus

Education, Enterprise Development, Disaster Management, Social Accountability.

Networks and Affiliations

Member and Staff Diversity

Current Partnership/Donors (maximum of three)

Phased Out Projects (maximum of three)

Organisational Growth

Contact Details

Duhabi Bhaluwa Municipality – 4, Sunsari


Jaya Narayan Yadev, Chairperson
Shambhu Adhikari, Advisor

Last Updated: September 2019

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