Okhaldhunga Hospital - The Ceremony

Niru Karki opens the proceedings with prayer.
A chorus of ladies in sparkling saris welcomed guests with a song.
A village man from Kunta Devi  read a welcome poem.
A tray of candles featured a red cross on a white background. The candles were lit by Chief Guest Norwegian Ambassador Alf Arne Ramslien and other guests.
Everyone gasped when Kristen Bohler set off a confetti cracker.
Gauharka Rai, former Mukya (head man) of Sobru village, presented a cheque for the hospital redevelopment fund to UMN Executive Director, Mark Galpin.
Sagar Gurung, a leader in the local church, read Psalm 127:1 and John 10:10. The Bible he read from was then placed in a tin box.
Mark Galpin read the UMN Values, from a 2012 UMN Diary, which was also placed in the tin box, along with that day’s local newspaper.
Hospital Director Tuk Harijan and Ambassador Ramslien embedded the box between two blocks of concrete, forming the foundation stone for the new hospital entrance.
Ella Dick, youngest daughter of Dr James Dick, the founding doctor of the hospital, was born in Sobru in 1963. This was Ella’s first trip back since then!
Ella and Gauharka Rai share a smile during the ceremony. Gauharka became a life-long friend of her father’s. He provided the first two houses where the dispensary was established.
No celebration can be without a cake.
And a very nice cake it was, too.
Ella cut the cake, and it was shared out.
The rest of the Dick family wasn’t forgotten. Ella was laden with momentos to give to them. Unfortunately, Dr Dick was not able to make the journey from Scotland, but Ella read a letter from him to all present.
There was, of course, some dancing.
And some more dancing.
A drama of the story of the Good Samaritan was well-received.
Just as well the poor traveller was brought to Okhaldhunga Community Hospital, where “inn-keeper” Nirmala Shresta (who usually manages the Maternal Waiting Home) could look after him properly.
Meg Bahadur Tamang received the Good Samaritan award. Be brought a mother with two children to the hospital. One of the children had broken his arm, and the mother couldn’t carry both children. Her husband had left her. Meg Bdr cared for the family while they were in hospital. His award – a goat!
Joel Githinji, a Church of Scotland appointee, brought official greetings from the Church of Scotland, the organisation that supported Dr Dick and his family.
UMN Executive Director Mark Galpin congratulated the hospital on behalf of UMN.
There were lots of award presentations.
Leif Gunnar Vik represented Normission, a strong supporter of Okhaldhunga Community Hospital. He presented Hospital Director Tuk Harijan with a beautiful book about Norway.
Sabitra, who gave birth to the hospital’s “anniversary baby” just after 8:00am that morning, received a lovely hand-knitted rug for her little son.
Little Suchin Rai, who suffers from meningitis TB, received a lovely toy. At under 12 kg, he is treated for free at the hospital.
The Norwegian Ambassador, Alf Arne Ramslien, performed his role as Chief Guest graciously throughout. Here he shares a joke with Hospital Director, Tuk Harijan.
Here he receives a very smart topi, from Mark Galpin, Executive Director of UMN.
The Ambassador’s eye was caught by this little girl.
Ella Dick and her husband Alan Cramb.
Gauharka Rai
Current Hospital Director, Tuk Harijan
UMN Hospital Services Director, Dr Olak Jirel, and his wife Jasmine.
UMN Liaison Director, David McConkey, and his wife Ann.
Church of Scotland representative Joel Githinji.  Joel serves as UMN’s HIV/AIDS Advisor in the Integral Mission team.
Former Okhaldhunga Director Dr Bruce Hayes.
Former Okhaldhunga Director Dr Mick Langford, and his wife Dr Debbie Langford.
Dr Rachel Karrach, Director Tansen Mission Hospital.
The Crowd!

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