Karani ladies are off to school

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Karani ladies are off to school
Karani women study in their NFE class

Mugu District in the far north-west of Nepal is divided into four "belts": Gam, Soru, Khatyad and Karan. The Karan best is the most remote. Ethnic tribal communities live in the Karan belt, and have very limited access to health facilities and education. Most of the women and teenaged girls are illiterate.
UMN's local partner, Karani Community Development Centre (KCDC), started three-month-long non-formal education (NFE) classes in Mangri and Maha. The classes were facilitated for three hours a day in local mother-tongue, by local facilitators. In total, 64 women and girls attended, and are now able to do simple mathematical calculations, read and write Nepali sentences, and know the English alphabet A-Z. They even know some English words! This success is because of the right selection of facilitators, the learning attitude of participants, close monitoring and mentoring by KCDC and UMN, and support and encouragement from the participants' families.

Pema Aangmu Lama, one of the NFE participants, said: "Education is our eye on the world.We are now more confident to do things and speak out when we are among others." Pema Aangmu Lama, Chhiring Chhomu Lama, Yangjin Lama, Tasi Aangmu Lama and others explained that getting admission to the local high school is a dream for them, and they were glad that KCDC and UMN are helping to make their dream a reality. Thirteen participants from the NFE classes have now enrolled at Buddha Higher Secondary School (BHSS), and are attending classes. The District Education Officer welcomed and congratulated them. BHSS has put aside one classroom for their study.

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