Mission, Vision & Values
Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
Being motivated and dependent on God, we believe these values to be foundational to our work. They influence our behaviour, our choice of partners, the way we work with our partners, and the selection and development of staff.
Fullness of Life Model

Hope & Freedom
People live without fear, experiencing cultural and spiritual life as a gift that brings freedom and hope for the future.

Justice & Equity
People build and live within just and fair economic systems, at local, national and international levels.

Peace & Reconciliation
People experience peaceful, harmonious relationships within the household, community and nation that respect and celebrate diversity and restore broken relationships.

Dignity & Respect
People live with respect for themselves and others, acknowledging that everyone is made in the image of God.

Well-being & Security
People have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to reach their potential.

Environmental Sustainability
People care for the environment and use its resources responsibly in the present, maintaining them for the future.

Mission, Vision & Values
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