ED visit highlights!
ED visit highlights!

Meeting self-help group members
In Kapilvastu, UMN’s Executive Director Dhana Lama met members of the Manakamana Self Help Group (SHG). Urmila Badi, the secretary of the SHG shared, “Before the SECURE project’s presence, we were far behind where we are today. Our social status was significantly lower; we were secluded, unable to interact with outsiders, including project visitors, and confined to household chores behind closed doors. Now, having learned about gender roles, rights, and entitlements, we can openly discuss these matters both at home and outside. Some members have even become candidates in local elections.”

Handover of computer labs
UMN and EduTechNepal collaborated with Pratappur Rural Municipality to hand over computer labs to Tribhuvan Secondary School and Mahendra Secondary School in Nawalparasi last week after they were selected via assessment. Each school received 21 computer sets. The event, attended by key stakeholders and officials, aimed to enhance technological literacy in education. UMN’s ED and the RM chairman emphasised the importance of utilising the support effectively.

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