Recent training in Mugu!
Recent training in Mugu!

For better response to disasters!

To help communities better respond to disasters, a 3-day training was held in wards 6 and 8 of Soru Rural Municipality from 31 March to 5 April. Focusing on the light search and rescue techniques, the training involved 47 participants- 14 women & 33 men who were part of the search and rescue taskforce of the Community Disaster Management Committees. Post training, two simulation events took place where trainees demonstrated search and rescue procedures for four different types of disasters: landslides, fires, earthquakes, and road accidents along with role plays.

Strengthening ECD teachers!

Twelve Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers engaged in a five-day training session at Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality in Mugu during the first week of April. The primary focus was to enhance the teaching and learning abilities of the ECD instructors, aiming to elevate their skills. Also, 17 schools received child-friendly teaching materials to make teaching learning more fun.

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