What We Do
What We Do
UMN runs two rural hospitals in Tansen (Palpa District) and Okhaldhunga and works holistically through six 'clusters' and 11 local organisations in another six districts - in education, good governance, health, resilient livelihoods and peace and protection. Gender equality, disability inclusion and environmental impact are considered in all our work.

United Mission Hospital Tansen

UMHT is an acute care hospital with 169 beds which functions at the level of a referral hospital, serving patients from a catchment area of almost one million people.


Okhaldhunga Community Hospital

Okhaldhunga Community Hospital is a primary care hospital of 50 inpatient beds, with plans to expand towards a 100-bed hospital in the future.



Enhancing access to quality educational opportunities, enabling the poorest people in Nepal to gain the knowledge, life skills and attitudes to improve their lives.


Good Governance

Strengthening the capacity of right holders and duty bearers to promote accountability and good governance.



Improving the health and wellbeing of rural communities, particularly women and children, through integrated health programmes.


Peace & Protection

Restoring hope and creating social justice for women and vulnerable sections of society


Resilient Livelihoods

Enhancing livelihood capacities of communities to prevent, withstand and cope with economic, environmental and social adversities by equitably and sustainably accessing resources and services.


Conflict Sensitivity

Do No Harm mainstreaming for enabling a peaceful, collaborative, and safe environment for development work.


Disability Inclusion

Persons with disabilities are empowered to enjoy their rights with meaningful and respectful participation in all systems and communities.



Enhancing knowledge and capacity of vulnerable communities to restore ecosystem services to cope with the impacts of climate change by adapting, mitigating and building resilience.


Gender Equality

Transforming gender injustice and inequality to gender justice and equality by addressing the negative impacts of injustice and inequality on both women and men across all cluster.