50 years in Nepal!
50 years in Nepal!

UMN had a small celebration to mark Miriam Krantz’s 50th anniversary of arrival in Nepal on Friday, October 4, 2013. Miriam came to Nepal in 1963 and worked as a Dietician at Shanta Bhawan and then later, worked closely with the Nutrition Programme in UMN. Toward the end of her time with UMN she was a hospital visitor at Patan Hospital.

One of her major contributions was the invention of the super porridge (Sarbottam Pitho) and her research on this has spread to many other countries.  She also wrote and published a book about Child Nutrition along with Dr. Ramesh Adhikari.

The celebration which started with the performance of brass band from visiting musicians from Germany was a beautiful time for Miriam Krantz to meet her old colleagues and friends in Nepal.

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