A successful leap
A successful leap
Congratulations Purna Bahadur Rokaya for recently winning the election and for your new appointment as the chairperson of the District Coordination Committee in Mugu. He is also the chair of the School Management Committee (SMC) of UMN’s partner Buddha Higher Secondary School (BHSS) in Mugu.
When UMN partnered with BHSS seven years ago, under his leadership as the chair, a hostel facility was constructed where 55 girls are currently staying. He has also played a key role in transforming and improving the condition and level of education of the school. 
He says, “UMN has worked hand in hand with us in the overall development of the school which has resulted in the transformation of BHSS. Along with my responsibility at the school, I had been actively involved in local political parties and its activities which helped me to be known among the local people and secure the votes. My leadership at BHSS has also been a strong factor in winning people’s trust as they have seen the successful management and transparent reporting of the school. People have faith in me and trust that the work that I do will lead to success.”
We wish him all the best as he steps into this important role and serves the people of Mugu.

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