In God’s timing and to God’s glory!
In God’s timing and to God’s glory!
UMN has a big reason to have a celebratory afternoon tea and cake. UMN’s case over the property issue was heard at the Supreme Court on 8 February 2016. The judges returned a verdict strongly in UMN’s favour! We will get the full written verdict in several weeks time and the Government may choose to appeal the verdict but we think this is unlikely.
UMN staff cheered and clapped as lawyer Amar Ghimire with Mark Galpin and Sanu Raja Ranjit cut the cake this afternoon at UMN headquarters. UMN Board of Trustees Grace Khaling, Prakash Subba and Shanta Maya Gurung were also present at the celebration. In his speech Mark thanked all those who had been closely involved in this issue over the last few years, particularly our legal team of Amar Ghimire, Prakash KC and Purnaman Shakya. Mark also thanked Peter Lockwood, Sanu Raja Ranjit, and board member Richard Sykes. He also thanked everyone from around the world, who have been faithfully praying over this issue over the last two years. Ultimately however we give thanks to God for this verdict. We have prayed that Gods will would be done in his time – and we believe that that prayer has been answered – to Him be the glory! Mark read out from Psalm 37:3 – 9 which are verses that have spoken to us and encouraged us during this challenging time.   
Thank you again for your support and prayers. We still have some way to go in completely fully resolving the legal ownership of the Thapathali property but this is a very positive step forward and strengthens our position for the next stage. 
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