INF/UMN European Conference
INF/UMN European Conference

What do you get when you pack 180 people from all over Europe, who are passionate about Nepal, into one conference centre? Well, for a start, you get a lot of noise. Everyone talking excitedly in Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, English and of course Nepali. And probably more languages than that!

In among all that noise, you get lots of stories – funny, sad, inspiring. Stories about the early days of mission in Nepal, about nightmare journeys and amazing people and God’s miraculous interventions. And you get tears. Tears of joy, of laughter, tears that remember friends you’ve not seen in years, and friends who’ve gone on ahead.

And you get prayer. Prayer for Nepal, the country, the people, the church. Prayer for the missions – INF and UMN, and the smaller organisations they’ve given birth to; prayer for situations and issues, prayer for people and communities, prayer for each other.

The INF-UMN annual conference, in Europe this year, next year in the UK, is a wonderful opportunity to be part of all that noise, that story-telling, those tears and prayers. Experience and enthusiasm, commitment and challenge, it all comes together there. Start planning to make it next year!

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