Joel Edwards Exposed!
Joel Edwards Exposed!

We’ve been delighted to host Joel Edwards, International Director of the Micah Challenge, over the last week or so. Joel has been meeting with Nepali Christian leaders, members of the Constituent Assembly (Nepal’s current parliament), and speaking at the combined UMN and INF retreat.  On Tuesday, Joel spoke to staff at Thapathali about the latest Micah Challenge campaign, “Exposed”.

Corruption steals USD 1 Trillion each year from the world’s economy, particularly from the poor. It appears in the form of bribery, lack of accountability, and tax evasion. It can be as small as an underpaid official asking for NRP 1000 (USD 10) to process a document, to well-known international companies hiding billions in profits in offshore accounts to escape tax. In Nepal, corruption is commonplace. But it can cripple development efforts and cause endless frustration.

Micah Challenge’s “Exposed” campaign seeks to “Shine the light on corruption”. In particular, Micah Challenge wants to present a petition signed by 1 million people at the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia, in November this year. The petition will call on the world’s leaders to address this issue. It’s a matter of justice!

Go to for more information. Join the Mighty Million – sign the petition on-line, and help fight corruption!

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