UGGULUM & DBHS School partnership
UGGULUM & DBHS School partnership

Visiting Dol Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School in Dhading was an eye-opening experience for five teachers from the Uggulum School in Sweden last week. In the Swedish curriculum, it says that every pupil shall acquire an understanding of other cultures and have understanding of the mutual dependence of countries and continents on each other. Partnerships between schools is a good way to facilitate this.

The teachers met and interacted with students in every class from Grade 1 to 12, and talked about their country. They played games with the students, and were interested observers of the Saraswati Day Celebration Programme. They also visited the families of two child club members. On the last day, the teachers of both schools shared teaching and learning methods and skills with each other.

Students at Uggulum School undertake a school-wide project called “You can make a difference”, which includes parents as well. We hope that the teachers’ visit to Dol Bhanjyang will help them bring the situation of schools in Nepal alive for students in Sweden. A very fruitful partnership between Rampur HSS in Doti and the Waterloo School in the UK has seen positive impact on teachers, parents and students.

The relationship between the two schools will continue through letter exchanges, which help all students develop their English skills. During the farewell, students, school teachers and parents from Dol Bhanjyang sent some locally-made gifts to their counterparts at Uggulum.The whole Dol Bhanjyang school family were excited to meet their new friends, and happy to welcome them.

By Prem Singh Shintan
Senior Programme officer – Education/CCCD
UMN, Dhading

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