The Board of Trustees

FELICITY WEVER (Chair) - Felicity is based in Sydney, Australia, and has a background in international aid and development. She is currently the Head of International Programmes for UNICEF Australia. Felicity previously worked for Baptist World Aid Australia, helping to establish UMN's Child-Centred Community Development programmes.
ALEX SWARBICK (Vice-Chair) - Alex lives and works in Singapore as Regional Director for leadership development organisation Roffey Park. During the 1990s, Alex worked in Nepal as Personnel Director for the International Nepal Fellowship.
MAHENDRA BHATTARAI - Mahendra has been working as a development consultant for many years. He is Chairperson and leading pastor in a church group in Nepal. He is associated with several Christian organisations and is active in Christian/Non-Christian relations.
HENK BLOM - Henk served with UMN from 1981 until 1990 in Tansen, Palpa. He has fulfilled several leadership posts in different NGOs since then. Henk recently retired from his position of director of the Komensky Consultancy in Pune, India. He lives in Holland.
SHANTA MAYA GURUNG - Shanta is a public health professional and served for many years through faith-based and bilateral organisations within Nepal. Her experiences have mainly been in community health, development, drug & alcohol addiction and HIV & AIDS prevention in Nepal. For the last six years, she has been leading a team which ministers to girls involved in the sex trade.
GRACE KHALING - Grace is an active member of the Nepali Isai Mandali Lalitpur Church, where she serves as an elder, as well as in several volunteer roles. She has been working with the Asian Development Bank for over 28 years, and has considerable work experience with other international organisations. She also serves as a Board member for other para-church organisations.
HOM KHATRI - Hom worked with World Vision International Nepal as Finance Director, and previously as an Internal Auditor. He also serves as a Board Chairman for Bethel Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. As a member of Nepal Isai Mandali, he has been providing support in financial management as a finance committee member. He also previously worked for seven years with Nepal Bible Society as Finance and Admin Officer.
SUBASH PRADHAN - Subash is an ordained minister who served as the principal of Nepal Baptist Bible College for eight years. He now serves as one of the revisers in the Revision Team at Nepal Bible Society. Currently, he is on the board of the Living Baptist Church, and also serves as a Board member for other NGOs.
LALBIAKHULUI ROKHUM - Kuki, as she is more popularly known, is currently the Director of Training and Mobilisation of EFICOR, India where she has worked since 2002. Kuki is passionate about issues of justice and is involved in teaching about issues such as HIV and AIDS, creation care and climate change.
DHANAN SENATHIRAJAH - Dhanan is a qualified accountant and Lawyer from Sri Lanka. After serving as Vice President - Finance and Planning at National Development Bank PLC, he moved on to become the National Director for World Vision in Sri Lanka in 2016. He serves on the Sri Lankan boards of Back To The Bible, Campus Crusade, Vision Fund, Lanka Bible College, and Healthcare Christian Fellowship. He was also Chair of UMN from 2013-2017.
AJAY SHARMA - Ajay has been working in community development for more than 16 years. He is a Director of WACT, an NGO working in the far western region of Nepal. He has served on the board of different local and national level NGOs in Nepal. He has experience in conducting evaluations of development projects and organisational assessment of NGOs.
RICHARD SYKES - Richard was a lawyer specialising in international work with a London law form for 30 years. After retiring in 2000, he worked for a year for INF in the Mid-West Region of Nepal. Since then he has returned to Nepal every year, either to work for INF or, more recently, in his capacity as a UMN board member. He was for over 10 years on the Boards of INF UK and the Nepal Leprosy Trust UK.


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