Happy teachers, happier students
Happy teachers, happier students
To become a teacher in Nepal, to teach Grades 1-5, candidates only need to have passed Grade 12 of school themselves and complete one week of training. Teachers can find it hard to engage and manage their classes while students may struggle to learn and enjoy their learning.
Bhima Maya Tamang, a teacher at Lapa Secondary School in Ruby Valley, North Dhading, shared that, like many other teachers, “Sometimes I found it very difficult to interact with the students. I had limited understanding of teaching and learning methods and needs.” But after participating in the Early Child Education Development training organised by UMN’s partner Namaste Rural Development Society (NRDS), she gained knowledge about child-friendly teaching-learning methodology for more effective teaching and facilitation of children’s learning. She also learnt ways to develop learning materials, even with local and free resources, and about using child-friendly videos and drama as teaching tools. Moreover, she also learnt about the curriculum, teaching through games and practical sessions, and the concept of a safe school environment including child protection and creating a fear-free learning environment without corporal punishment.
Bhima Maya is grateful to NRDS and UMN for providing such a wonderful training: “It helped to sharpen my knowledge and perspectives”, she shares. “I have applied the learning in the classroom and now my students are very happy to attend class full time. They are enjoying learning by playing, dancing and drawing.” Through this training, a happier and more effective teaching and learning experience has been achieved for Bhima, her students and many other teachers and students in Ruby Valley.

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