My first COVID-19 delivery
My first COVID-19 delivery
In my 20 years of experience working as a nurse, I had never before gone through such a fearful moment as Covid-19. Working in a maternity ward as a nurse, I knew that I needed to take all the safety measures and continue to give treatment to the mothers and babies. This is the reason why I chose to be a nurse. Having said this, I must acknowledge that the fear of being infected with COVID–19 was always with me. With all this going on in my head, one fine evening I got information about the arrival of a pregnant lady nearly ready to deliver. She had tested positive at the centre from where she was referred.
The hospital had provided us with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). So, upon her arrival, I put on my PPE and examined her. As planned, despite challenges with space, she was kept in a separate area of our ward. I knew my limitations for contact with her, while the PPE made communication difficult. I was in constant touch with the doctor on duty about this patient. At around midnight, I put on my PPE and checked the patient. I then saw meconium. That was not a good sign. My fear started escalating even more, not because I might catch the virus from this patient, but since the meconium seen could lead to a complication which could cost the baby its life. All the possible negative thoughts started troubling my mind. What if something goes wrong with the mother or baby? Will the community blame me because I did not give proper care due to my fear of COVID-19? Then I realised that I needed to do all that I could, just as I would do for any other non-COVID patient.
Finally, early in the morning at about 5 am, the doctor on duty and I, with full protection, delivered a lovely baby girl. Both the baby and mother were safe and the delivery was without any complications. Furthermore, it seemed I too was relieved from my fear and anxiety. I am so thankful to be part of this hospital. This hospital not only cares for the patients but the staff as well. I am grateful to all the donors who generously supported us to purchase PPE. Thank you!
Senior Nurse Midwife
(Original story featured on page 13 of 2021 Friends of Tansen Magazine)

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