Reunion of Heart and Heartbeat
Reunion of Heart and Heartbeat

Hari Maya Tamang and Suni Maya Tamang, from Jharlang VDC are of similar age and were very close friends like heart and heartbeat. There wasn’t a day when they did not meet one-another. 5 years ago they had a small dispute and they suddenly stopped talking and meeting one another. They refused to participate in any social gatherings where either one of them had already arrived at the place. Their dispute affected not only them but also relationships between their family members.

HIMS Nepal organised a two-day forgiveness and reconciliation training for North Dhading Church leaders at Jharlang. Suni Maya was one of the active participants in the training. The training touched her heart and encouraged her to go and open the blockages caused by that small dispute. As soon as the training concluded, she went straight to Hari Maya and shared about the forgiveness messages from the Bible. Then, both of them were able to forgive one another and hugged each other with tears of happiness.
They give heartfelt thanks to HIMS and are sharing the forgiveness message with others.

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