Saving the life of mother and baby
Saving the life of mother and baby
In my work, especially in obstetrics, I deal with the life and death of both mothers and children. Recently an 18-year-old pregnant lady at 36 weeks of gestation came to the emergency room with a complaint of bleeding and abdominal pain. Talking with her, I gathered that she had never had any antenatal check-ups. She was in critical condition, so she was taken to the operating room for a Caesarian section. She was suffering a placental abruption with foetal distress. Blood transfusions and IV fluids were given and with the support of my team members, I was able to help save the lives of this young mother and her baby.
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
(For Seesam’s full story and reflection on serving women in need at UMHT, see page 5 of the 2022 Friends of Tansen magazine)

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