North Dhading trek

         Posted on January 21, 2019 under News

The visit of Peter Lockwood, Prakash Timalsina and Peter Fleming (1 Nepali & 2 Irish) involved eight days walking far from the nearest roads, almost 90 kilometres travelled, 6,856 meters climbed, and nine school sites inspected. From January 10 to 18, they visited Dhading to review and inspect the ongoing school reconstruction work that has been in progress for over two years. To date, work has been carried out at 51 sites. Many of these schools have been completed and handed over to a management committee. This school reconstruction programme is coming toward completion, and the final sites are being worked on.
"There is a huge amount to be thankful for - protection in travel, health, good company, people met, the beauty of creation in Nepal, warm Namastes, excited children and work progressing to provide the next generation with education. What a privilege," says Peter Fleming, Integral Development Advisor of UMN.

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