An exposure visit to Assam
An exposure visit to Assam

The Disaster Management team of UMN and members of Nepal Christian Relief Services had an exposure visit to Tukrajhar, Assam, India from 15-22 of May 2010.

The key objective of the visit was to learn from the experience of “North East India Committee on Relief & Development” (NEICORD), a non-profit Christian organisation using analysis tool called PADR. Participatory Assessment of Disaster Risk (PADR).

Suresh Bhattarai, Disaster Management Advisor from UMN says, “We visited three communities there where the program was being developed and implemented for the last 2 and half years and leant of  their achievements and challenges. We equally befitted from the sharing of NEICORD officers and staff who were directly involved in this program. I am encouraged to see our staff  quite confident in replicating this program in the clusters (working locations) after this visit”.

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