Cold Snap in Nepal
Cold Snap in Nepal

Warm blankets have been distributed to 123 households in Sunsari cluster, as temperatures along Nepal’s southern plainland (Terai) plummeted over the last few weeks.

Schools have remained closed and flights to and from the affected Terai districts were cancelled or delayed due to poor visibility caused by thick fog. A total of 49 people – 24 men, 21 women and four children, have died so far this year due to the cold. Most of them were from Terai region, which is renowned for its heat and humidity during the summer, and its usually milder winters.

District-based health institutions are receiving a large number of patients with asthma, coughs, and colds and pneumonia. Small children and elderly people are particularly at risk. Various organisations have been providing warm clothes and firewood, and maintaining campfires at main junctions and public places.

UMN has had a long involvement with communities living along the Koshi River since serious flooding affected them four years ago. Now these families are suffering terribly from the cold, as many are still living in flimsy shacks, and do not have enough warm clothes or blankets. Illness has kept people from work, resulting in even more hardship.

Together with our partner, Participant Mobilisation Centre, UMN has provided 123 Musaharhouseholds (the poorest community on the Terai) with warm blankets.These have been much appreciated. We are continuing to monitor the situation, and co-ordinating with local, district, and nationalauthorities.

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