Creating Hope Through Action
Creating Hope Through Action

World Suicide Prevention Day was celebrated yesterday in Rukum East with the theme “Creating Hope Through Action” by UMN’s Pro-Act project. The objective was to raise a broad range of awareness and support, linking the community with the basic mental health service and health workers through the project’s activities and to encourage people to take healthy action against suicidal thoughts.

Through UMN’S partner NPAF*, the project engaged local community actors, especially a child club, school children and women’s groups in collaboration with the area police office and local governments, celebrating with the different events like a rally, street drama, interaction, and group meetings at rural municipality and community levels.

A total of 207 community members (M:78 and F:129) took part in the awareness program. During the event, suicide prevention and mental health related resources were used and distributed to relay the message on suicide prevention, that suicidal thoughts are curable after psychosocial counselling and support. The project promoted the government’s Suicide Prevention Helpline 1166 for free consultation on any kind of suicidal thoughts.

* Nepal Public Awakening Forum

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