Do No Harm: Super helpful training!
Do No Harm: Super helpful training!

“I thought I would only want to stay for one or two hours, but it is a practical training that is relevant to our professional work and personal life, so I participated for the whole time! We will apply what we learn in our respective work”- Gita GC, Head of Self-employment Thematic Section.

Clearly this Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm training was far more helpful than the participants had expected! In Bogtanfudsil Rural Municipality (RM) in Doti, 25 people (5 women and 20 men) including Judicial Committee, local government representatives, and thematic section heads attended the three-day training from 8 to 10 of September, delivered by UMN and local partner CEAD through the CORD project. With the objective of analysing the service delivery and development work of the RM through Conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm perspectives , the training was helpful in identifying ‘connectors’ and ‘dividers’ in the individuals’ lives, service delivery and development work of the RM. Participants also developed individual and institutional mitigation plans to minimise the identified dividers.

All the training participants shared that the workshop was helpful for reflecting on their individual and professional lives. Here are two more of many positive responses:

Shankar Man Sunar, Ward- 7 Chairperson: “This training was so relevant for our individual, family, and professional life. I would like to request CEAD Nepal and UMN to organise such events in the coming days as well.”

RM Chairperson Kamal Gadsila: “This training was very helpful to reflect on our work and services. It was also helpful to get ideas for how we can build better, harmonious relationships and trust with rights holders. UMN’s works are very good because they are connected with social development and transformation”.

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