Diarrhoea Outbreak in Doti
Diarrhoea Outbreak in Doti

Nine people have died in a severe diarrhea outbreak in Doti District over the last few weeks, and many more are sick. The District Public Health Office estimates that over 400 people are receiving treatment at various hospitals and Health Posts around the district. Six cases of cholera have been confirmed.

Outbreaks of this kind are common during the monsoon, when dirty surface water contaminates water mains, tube wells and streams where people get their water supplies. Lack of awareness, poor waste disposal and lack of treatment for drinking water leads to increase incidence of water-bourne diseases. The National Public Health Laboratory tested the water from 16 commonly-used water sources. The report shows there is fecal contamination and coliform bacteria in all 16 of them.

The District Health Office has called a meeting of the INGOs and NGOs working in the district, and plans have been made to address the problem. UMN will be providing medicines to the value of NRP 65,000 (USD 730), and soap to around 800 households. UMN is also contributing to the cost of awareness-raising activities to help improve hygiene practices. Our total contribution will be about NRP 107,600 (USD 1210).

Soap was distributed by local Red Cross volunteer groups, who also gave families water purification tablets and oral rehydration packets, and taught villagers to boil drinking water, wash hands properly, prepare food hygienically, and take severe cases of diarrhea to the nearest health post or hospital.

Please pray for our team in Doti, as they help to alleviate suffering and prevent more people from becoming ill.

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