Digital finance training collaboration
Digital finance training collaboration

Digital financial literacy training adapted for the local context reached 17 local staff and members of two UMN supported projects in Rukum East, through a collaboration with other organisations working for change at the grassroots level. The financial literacy training developed by Practical Action focused on family budget planning, business planning, analysis of expenditure and income while digital financial literacy focused on using digital apps such as online payments, online banking, using QR codes and receiving remittance money. After completing the 18 sessions over a 10-month period, the trainees will share the learning with their respective groups, aiming to reach around 400 people from 12 mothers’ groups and 9 girls’ groups.

UMN Rukum Cluster office made a MOU with Practical Action/ Samunnati:Digital Finance project team to increase awareness on Digital and Financial Literacy among the members of UMN-supported projects Achieving Better Life for Every Child and Adolescent (ABLE) and Pro-Act, in Putha Uttarganga.

Effectively adapting the module, UMN has not only avoided duplicating resources and efforts for the same community but has also enhanced synergies with existing projects in the same working area. This has demonstrated to other projects working in the same area the opportunity to achieve shared results and impactful outcomes.

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