Fuel Drought
Fuel Drought

Fuel shortages have been growing worse and worse.  For the last few weeks, the number of trucks bringing essential petrol, diesel and gas into the country have been reduced to a trickle, because of disputes over the new Constitution.  Normally, 375 trucks a day are needed to keep Nepali vehicles on the road; only a fraction of this number have been getting through. The earthquake blocked alternative routes into Nepal from China. No petrol is available for private vehicles, while fuel for buses and taxis is severely rationed. Queues for fuel are measured in kilometres.

The fuel crisis has caused massive disruption across the country. In the health sector, ambulances cannot get fuel, and supplies of essential medicines are becoming scarce. At UMN’s Tansen Hospital, the water tank has run dry because water tankers can no longer deliver, so surgeons are washing by having water poured over their hands. UMN’s work has been affected by reductions in travel, particularly in the Terai area. Fortunately, load-shedding in Kathmandu has reduced, so we are able to restrict our use of generators, and are relying almost exclusively on our solar panels. Working hours have been reduced for HQ staff, as many are now walking or cycling to work.
Please pray for Nepal at this difficult time. Pray that political differences can be resolved by true dialogue between the parties, and that no more lives will be lost in senseless violence.

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