Furious fire in two villages
Furious fire in two villages

As winter transitions to spring, the warm and windy conditions bring with it the danger of fire break outs and rapid spread of fire.  On  March 31, 2014, a raging fire that broke out from a house in Amaduwa village in Sunsari spread out and destroyed 159 houses. UMN cluster staff in Sunsari visited the site and the office has contributed an amount of NRP 100,000 (USD 1042) for food and other essential emergency relief.  This amount they said will help about 77 households. Reports collected from our cluster staff said that most houses and sheds were completely destroyed.

One family who was soon to have a wedding lost NRP 300,000 (USD 3125) cash in the fire.  The other family lost NRP 150,000 – money that was saved up for travel abroad.    

Similarly, another fire in Birpur village in Kapilvastu destroyed 47 houses on April1, 2014. The fire started in a cattle shed claiming a life of a five year old boy. In coordination with the local government and UMN’s partner, UMN office in Rupandehi has decided to help with a relief fund of NRP 220,000 (USD 2291). Other organisations are also contributing in the relief work of these affected areas.

Please pray for the poor families that have been affected by this tragedy.  Pray that necessary steps, plans and decisions made at the government level would be right and effective in settling back the homeless families.

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