Hospitals’ wastewater – progress and needs!
Hospitals’ wastewater – progress and needs!

UMHT*’s wastewater scheme for the hospital and surrounding community is well underway. This week we’re relieved that after months of meetings and prayer, permission has been granted to use the forest land – a necessity for completing the scheme.

Over in Okhaldhunga, as the Community Hospital is growing in size, so is its waste! However, the existing reed bed system constructed in 2016 has not been functioning well – the output is not sufficiently clean. The liquid waste and effluent, together with grey water from the laundry and showers, flows into the reed beds where the waste should undergo physical, chemical and biological processes to breakdown the wastewater into less harmful forms through biodegradation. To rectify and rehabilitate the reed bed system to perform at its best requires around USD 30,000 of investment. If you would like to donate towards this restoration to protect the health of the local community, please visit and mention ‘OCH wastewater’ with your donation. Thank you!

*United Mission Hospital Tansen

Photos – Okhaldhunga’s non-functioning reedbeds and wastewater collection ponds

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