Kids Can Help Too
Kids Can Help Too

Now announcing a “silent auction” in which everyone wins!

In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, many of us are left wondering how we can help. Nora Collins, who teaches the children of expatriate assigned to United Mission Hospital Tansen, wanted to convince her students that they can play a role in helping in the relief and rehabilitation efforts. They were a bit skeptical, but went to work creating some lovely “kid art” to sell for the cause.

Here’s how it worked. Nora posted the pictures on her Facebook page, inviting friends to comment on a picture with a pledge for any amount. She then e-mailed the digital artwork, along with a link to give towards the relief/rehabilitation efforts of UMN.

Earthquake victims get help, students learn that they truly can help, and FB friends get a visual reminder to pray for Nepal. So, everyone wins! Nora has just over $1,000 (in a mix of Australian/Canadian/US) pledged for UMN, and hopes to have more rolling in over the next few days.

Great job, Nora and Tansen kids!

If you’re on FB, find Nora and “buy” yourself a piece of Tansen artwork!

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