Lost and found
Lost and found

I must confess that our team chose Reegaun for our assessment trip, as we thought it would be easier and safer than other VDCs, but this was not the case! Just like the other teams, we had many difficulties. We walked up hills and down hills, along tracks and trails in the bright sunshine and the heavy rain. We passed through many dangerous landslides and crossed long suspension bridges. However, we were able to complete our assessment, and returned to Dhadingbesi in the late afternoon after a six-day journey.

When we reached there, I suddenly realized I had left my bag in the place where we got on a hired vehicle! All my data, money, a camera and other stuff was in the bag. For a horrible moment I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked and horrified, and didn’t know what to do. But God is good – he showed his love and mercy through Nirmala, my team-mate. Her prayers and support worked like medicine. But I was still really worried about the data, because it was very important for our Phase 2 Emergency Response planning. Our local staff tried to find out where the bag was, without success.

Then, four hours later, I heard that my lost bag had been found by another INGO.
How relieved I was! An hour later, that bag was back in my hand. I thanked God for his faithfulness, and of course Nirmala for her encouragement, prayer and support. I’ll never forget those mixed feelings – shock, worry, surprise, joy, relief – of my Dhading visit.

Bina Malla

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