Massive earthquake strikes Nepal
Massive earthquake strikes Nepal

April 25, 2015 was a dark day in Nepal. Kathmandu and the surrounding districts have taken a big hit of 7.9 rector scale earthquake at midday. What has scared the people more are the many strong after shocks. We don’t want to imagine the possibility of anything bigger coming upon the valley as rumours have it.  4000 dead as of last night figure given by government sources and counting.

Many historical monuments are gone and erased. Stores are closed.  Supplies have stopped coming because the transport system has come to a halt.  Thousands of people are living in make shift tents.  Many just for the night but many more because their houses are too dangerous to even go into now.

All UMN staff are safe.  UMN buildings remain intact. We praise God for that.  

Please continue to  pray for the thousands displaced and for the ones who are struggling to get care in over crowded hospitals.

Pray that families in Nepal will find the strength to cope with their intense emotional, physical and spiritual suffering. Pray for UMN at this time to understand how it can best serve the suffering now and in the future.

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