Meet Rekha and Santosh
Meet Rekha and Santosh

Rekha and Santosh Karki first met at Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara, as newly-arrived scholarship students aged 9 and 10, lining up excitedly in the gym with others for their first registration. Little did they realise that 20 years later they would be married with two young children and two successful careers. What they knew then was that they had been given the opportunity of a good education, and both were keen to get going on it.

Rekha comes from Khalanga Village in Jajarkot, the youngest girl in a family of 4 girls and 3 boys. Her parents counter-culturally were eager to promote the education of their daughters and encouraged Rekha to follow the recommendation of her school to take the GBS scholarship exam when Christine Stone came round to administer it in their area. At GBS she feels she learned independence, self-reliance and confidence, sharing with others across religions, cultures and values. Her life satisfaction comes from having learned and achieved for herself.  Today she holds a senior management position at United Traders Syndicate Pvt Ltd.
Santosh was a GBS student on a partial scholarship, the younger son of a local government officer from Begnas Tal village outside Pokhara. He greatly valued his education at GBS, especially the fact that it was an all-round education, and he loved sports. This made it possible for him to gain entry to the army after school, spend some time at Sandhurst in the UK for training, and rise to the position of Lieutenant Colonel, presently stationed in Bhojpur, East Nepal.
Rekha and Santosh were also present at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of GBS, bringing their children to see the school where they were offered so many opportunities, and to  meet the people who shared that experience with them. The school and the students are both rightly proud of each other.

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