Okhaldhunga Community Hospital Jubilee – 2012
Okhaldhunga Community Hospital Jubilee – 2012

All friends of Okhaldhunga
Community Hospital
are warmly invited to its 50th Anniversary celebrations in March,
2012. Hospital Director Tuk Bdr Harijan issued the announcement today (25
November), saying: “We want to give thanks for the past 50 years and for all
the dedicated service so many of you have contributed during all these years.”
The key day for festivities will be Wednesday 14 March, when there will be a
thanksgiving programme, and a celebration dinner.

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Okhaldhunga will be a busy place over the next few months.
Not only will they be planning the Anniversary celebrations, but the building
works on the hospital development programme will begin soon. A gift to the
Hospital Renovation Appeal would be a great way to help the hospital on its way
to another 50 years of service to the people of Okhaldhunga.

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